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Ride a Cowboy: Save a Horse
Honey Jans
Erotic Romance: Contemporary, Interracial/Multicultural
ISBN: 978-1-4543-0181-3
Cover Artist: Honey Jans
Editor: Red Rose Publishing
Line Editor: Red Rose Publishing
Word Count: 46,338
Release Date: April 12, 2012

Savanna Brown returns to Wyoming to save the reputation of the cowboy she ran away from on their wedding night.  She makes the ranch owner an offer he can’t refuse if he wants to hang onto his ranch.  She’ll pretend to come back to him until the talk dies down, then she’ll be on her way.
Rafe Halliday is thrilled that his plan to lure his bride back to his place has worked.  Now all he has to do is focus on getting sexy Savanna back into his bed where he figured their links of passion, love, and sex will complete their bond. 
But will love happen with evil forces trying to tear them apart?  To find out lasso a copy of, “Save a Horse; Ride a Cowboy,” today.  It’s sure to singe your lariat.

Tell Me Something Good
Raven Knight

Mainstream Romance: Contemporary, Interracial/Multicultural
ISBN: 978-1-4543-0059-5
Cover Artist: Honey Jans
Editor: Honey Jans
Line Editor: Red Rose™ Publishing
Word Count: 37,916
Release Date: May 19, 2011

When Lindsey Davenport goes to her boyfriend's house to break up with him, the last thing she expects is to find him dead...and herself the main murder suspect. Lindsey, the disowned daughter of the country's most affluent African-American Entrepreneur, has been in legal trouble before due to a man. She knows that her father will never help her out of this mess and that she's likely headed to prison.

Diego Cruz, known as The Psychic Detective, is first on the scene and as soon as he gets close to Lindsey, can tell that she isn't the killer. His powers allow him to read her innocence. What’s more, he finds himself feeling protective of and attracted to the frightened young woman who he knows is in for a hard time. Fearing for her safety, he talks his boss into taking her to his secluded retreat and into protective custody. She doesn't trust him or want to go, but he convinces her that it's better than jail.

Cruz and Lindsey become emotionally close during their stay, giving into their mutual attraction and engaging in hot, kinky sex. Cruz knows that she is his destined soulmate, but he has to solve the murder mystery in order to set her free. Lyndsey's life is in danger and, even with his psychic powers helping him, Cruz is running out of time.

 As Lindsey acquires some of his psychic powers, she helps him out, but will they catch the bad guy in time to save her life? Will the soulmates ever get to be together?

Touch Me In the Morning
Raven Knight
Erotic Romance: Contemporary, Interracial/Multicultural
Cover Artist: Honey Jans
Editor: Julie
Word Count: 72,106
Release Date: May 6th, 2010
When Heaven McKenzie flees from the place where she is being held captive, she is without anywhere to go. On top of that, she knows that her ex will eventually find her. Pregnant and frightened, she finds a shelter where Father Michael gets her a job and a safe haven. She will live with Damian Steele and his autistic sister as his sister’s caregiver.

Damian lives in a quiet estate in the country and is a good friend of the Priest who runs the woman’s shelter. It’s only a temporary solution, and she’s leery about it, but with Gavin on her trail, she decides to give it a try.

Damian Steele is a wealthy Good Samaritan who would rather stay in the shadows than claim credit for his good deeds. Suffering from a terrible stutter and covered with body scars from his abusive father, he is not looking forward to some young woman with problems coming to live in his house.

Somebody, however, needs to take care of Kendra when he isn’t home. As with all the other past caregivers, he plans on laying down the law about how they will simply be boss and worker. In the past the women had tried to befriend and even seduce him, but he doesn’t get involved with the women he hires. He only wants one night stands, as he has demons from his past that forbid him from ever getting married or having children.

Both Heaven and Damian are both shocked and frightened by the powerful chemistry between them when they first meet. Damian retreats, trying to fight it, but Heaven is intrigued by her handsome boss who seems determined to keep her at bay. She is further appalled by her sexual feelings toward him, feelings she had thought had died long ago. Eventually, she is able to break down his wall a little bit, and he becomes her protector, especially since she is pregnant and because he hates abusive stalkers like her ex.

But can he keep her safe and will Heaven ever be able to make him see that he’s worthy of love? And what will happen when she has her baby and leaves him?

Is there any way she can get him to forget his hang-ups and want her to stay?


The Vampire Who Spanked Me   
 Honey Jans
 Erotic Romance: Contemporary, Multicultural Interracial,Paranormal
Cover Artist: Honey Jans
Word Count: 40,084
Release Date: May 6th, 2010

Cherish McCloud is a fake psychic with a secret love life. Every night a fantasy lover haunts her dreams, taking her just so far before leaving her unsatisfied. Descended from a Voodoo priestess on her daddy’s side, and a gypsy Queen on her mama’s she has no idea what powers she holds.

Vlad Masters a vampire with a price on his head has been feeling sleep deprived. He’s on a mission to avenge his sister and finding it hard to focus. Stalking through the park at midnight after being discovered he’s drawn to a commotion and finds a feisty ethnic beauty holding off a pack of hunting demons.

When Vlad comes to Cherish’s rescue the wheel of fate spins and there’s no going back. But will a grieving white witch, or a frustrated demon lord with a grudge stop a love that was written in the stars? Or will Cherish and Vlad fall in love at first bite? To find out read The Vampire Who Spanked Me.

Nicole L. Pierce’s My Alien is a Sex Fiend            
ISBN:     978-1-59632-859-4
Genre:     Full-figured Heroine Multicultural Futuristic  
Length:     Novel
Series:     Previous Book: Kidnapped and Spanked by an Alien 
Bree Delaney has a secret fantasy--she wants to be whipped by the man of her dreams. The problem is, the feisty young hairdresser hasn't seen Draken Blade in two years and she doesn't want to be with anyone else.

Draken Blade is a dark, hunky, gorgeous half-Dreauxoid from Planet Dreaux. When he comes back to claim his lifemate, she is more than a little dubious that he is ready to stop running off on missions and is ready to bond with her. Draken knows that just hot sex with a little kink thrown in won't get his woman back, not this time.
He's going to have to promise to stop fighting for good. But what happens when he's kidnapped and they're both in danger if he can't fight his way free?

Games People Play             
Raven Knight
Erotic Romance: Interracial/Multicultural, Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-60435-727-1
Cover Artist: Honey Jans
Editor: Red Rose™ Publishing
Line Editor: Red Rose™ Publishing
Word Count: 61,536
Release Date: June 22, 2010

Destroyed by a relationship gone sour, Cori is not ready for another relationship. When Cori Mallory blows off the sexy hunk that comes up to her at a Pub, she never expected to end up applying for a job where he owned the company.

Once they get to know each other, they develop a strong attraction. So, why won't Adam make love to her? What is he hiding and once she finds out can she handle the truth?


Spanking the Psychic          
Nicole L. Pierce
Erotic Romance: Interracial/MulticulturalISBN: 978-1-60435-363-1
Cover Artist: Creative Trailers
Editor: Red Rose™ Publishing
Line Editor: Bernadette Smith
Word Count: 62,850
Release Date: July 2, 2009
Famous Psychic Miracle Swanson can read everyone’s aura but her own.  A gorgeous man invades her dreams with wild, kinky sexual fantasies, yet she doesn’t know where to meet him. 
When Blake walks into her office for an appointment she is shocked and aroused, but saddened.  She learns that his son had died in a car accident and he blames himself.   When he walks out on their session, Miracle chases him and begs him for a sexual encounter.  He turns her down at first, not wanting to indulge in pleasures since his son’s death. 
But she convinces him that she hears Riley and that Riley is with him and wants him to move on.  When he gets into a mysterious accident, Miracle goes to his house, against his will, to nurse him back to health.  He gives in to his strange and wild attraction to her, teaching her all about sex…including kink.
But somebody wants him dead and Miracle needs to use her powers to solve the mystery. 
Blake thinks it could be his ex-wife who blames him for Riley’s death as much as he blames himself.  But Miracle doesn’t think so. She is feeling a dark and dangerous stranger. 
As Blake slowly comes to believe in the afterlife and sees and hears his son, he is ready to move on with his love.  But will a force beyond their control stop them from ever being together?


Punished by Her Sheik
Desert Rose Anthology
Nicole L. Pierce
Erotic Romance: Contemporary, Interracial/Multiculatural
ISBN: 978-1-60435-480-5
Cover Artist: Honey Jans
Editor: Lea Schizas
Word Count: 58,010
Release Date: November 26, 2009

Sheik Bandar (Ben) Zaldana, an ex-secret agent, is wrapping up his boring day as a P.I. when a stunning woman pops out of the closet holding a gun on him. Intrigued by her beauty, her courage, and her misguided story, he allows her to kidnap him. He finds amusement and arousal motivating his actions as he contemplates what it would be like to love his captor in every way.

Abigail is teaching Ben a lesson for standing her sister up at the altar. Her sister may be over the hurt and humiliation, but Abigail wants Ben to know what happens when the people she loves are hurt. To her dismay the type of "punishment" she's considering has nothing to do with revenge and everything to do with lust. But, she would never do that to her sister and Ben wouldn't be interested in a strong-willed woman like her… men never were.

The punishment plan is put on hold when Abigail finds her home ransacked. Ben takes charge calming her fears and then igniting her lust. Abigail now has two problems—making her sister understand the attraction she feels for Ben and trying to figure out who wants to hurt her.


The Sheik's Captive  
Desert Rose Anthology
Honey Jans
 Erotic Romance: Contemporary, Interracial/Multicultural
ISBN: 978-1-60435-152-1
Cover Artist: Red Rose™ Publishing
Editor: Lea Schizas
Word Count: 34,640
Release Date: June 19, 2008

Paperback version available at  

Is the Sheikh's kink more than Honor can handle or will she be the one spooning it out?

When Honor Blackwell is offered a fortune to collect an emerald necklace from a dangerous jewel thief, she is in no position to turn it down. She's just parted from her lecherous boss telling him that only her vibrator gets her off. The sad thing is that it's true.

The chance for a little adventure is too tempting to pass up. But things don't go as planned. When the naked hunk catches her rifling his room, his frank sensual appraisal makes her formerly suppressed hormones sit up and take notice. She goes along with his assumption that she's a birthday present sent by his brother.

Sheik Alexander Kahn on vacation in his tiny villa on a remote Greek Isle isn't sure what to make of the pretty thief he finds in his bedroom. But he does know that he intends to keep her; at least until he finds out what game she's playing. She isn't the first thief that's tried to steal one of his company's creations but she is the most alluring. A blushing almost virgin that smolders with hidden fires when he touches her and makes her come.

After a night of newfound sexual pleasure in the dominant man's arms, Honor runs, only to have him catch her. When he takes her over his knee, she melts shocked that it turns her on. Thrown together for a steamy weekend they open up to each other, while Alex teaches her all his favorite kinky tricks. She knows he's still keeping secrets but she decides to enjoy him anyway.


Seduced by the Sheik  
Desert Rose Anthology
Nicole L. Pierce
Erotic Romance: Contemporary, Interracial/Multicultural
ISBN: 978-1-60435-155-2
Cover Artist: Shirley Burnett
Editor: Zena Gainer
Word Count: 53,130
Release Date: July 17, 2008

Will they be able to slip away into the night or will the night find them with all of its secrets and darkness?

When feisty Vanessa Nash is cornered by her stalker in a bar... sexy, exotic Karim Zaldana comes to her rescue. Hearing her story, he offers to be her bodyguard if she'll marry him so he can stay in the country.

What Vanessa doesn't know is that Karim is already a citizen, working for the US Government. He's fallen for her at first sight and knows he must have her and make her fall in love with him.

Can their hot passion turn into a forever kind of love, even though an old enemy wants him dead? And what will Vanessa do when she learns how he's tricked her into marriage?


Nicole Pierce’s Kidnapped and Spanked by an Alien      
ISBN:     978-1-59632-571-5
Genre:     BDSM Futuristic
Length:     Novel
Series:     Next Book: My Alien is a Sex Fiend
Natalia Ferguson, a beautiful bi-racial actress, has no problem attracting men. It’s just that men are never strong enough for her to fulfill her secret desire for dominance and kink in the bedroom. So, when she wakes up one day and finds herself chained to the bedposts of a bed with a sinfully handsome man standing over her, she’s equal parts intrigued and frightened. Especially since she feels as if she knows him.
No the problem with Raven Steed is definitely not a lack of strength. The trouble with Raven is, he claims to be an alien. And her soulmate.
While she’s determined to run from the madman, her body has a different idea. So does Raven’s half-brother. And it’s not until he whisks her halfway across the universe to a Safe House and sexual safe haven that she realizes he might just be the Dreauxoid Dom of her dreams. If only he can stay out of trouble…

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